Types of Video Marketing You Can Implement Now

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Types of Video Marketing You Can Implement Now

Video advertising and marketing is still an important aspect of today’s marketing landscape.We emphasised the significance of staying updated with current video trends, as the usage of a modern-day advertising method is as bad as no advertising strategy.

What is a video, anyway? Is it just a filmed rationalization of your merchandise and services?

No, it is lots greater than that! It is a way to form an instantaneous bond with your target market. It is a manner of attractive them with your employer and imparting your message. It is even a manner to communicate your corporation subculture and values.

Just check out those information:

-82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter
-YouTube has over a billion users, nearly one-0.33 of total net customers.
-45% of humans watch extra than an hour of Facebook or YouTube films a week.
-More than 500 million hours of films are watched on YouTube each day.
-More video content is uploaded in 30 days than the foremost U.S. tv networks have created in 30 years.
-87% of online marketers use video content material.

If you need to be a part of the corporations that are the use of those data to their advantage, you will want to recognise the fine details of video marketing.

Types of Video Marketing

There are many forms of videos you may use to connect with your audience. Let’s talk about a number of the most commonplace kinds of movies that you could use to force engagement and improve sales. Each kind of video is used a little bit differently, and we’ll pass over some of the approaches you may implement those different types.

Don’t feel like you have to do all of this at once, though! If your agency isn’t doing any video content right now, select one or styles of video and provide it a try earlier than looking to tackle an excessive amount of at once!

Yes, below committing to video manner you’re lacking your possibility to communicate immediately with customers in approaches they’re drawn to. However, trying to devote to the use of every type of video advertising proper now might unfold you to skinny and result in your corporation growing poorly made movies.

We endorse selecting one or of the following video types and exploring your options. If you ever need to talk in extra element about what would quality paintings for you, allow us to understand so we are able to help!

Timelapse Videos

A timelapse video indicates a series of events but sped as much as make a long technique seen in only a few seconds or minutes. You recognize the type: a flower sprouting, blooming, and dying in 10 seconds. A stadium stage being set up over the route of numerous days by using dozens of workers, however filmed so that all of it unfolds within a single minute.

Because those are fun to watch, they power viewer engagement. Plenty of different kinds of timelapse films exist, however a number of the most popular ones consist of nature, manufacturing, instructional, and storytelling movies.

You may need special cameras, tools, and apps to create the timelapse content you are imagining proper now, however you may be able to simply use your phone. What you want will rely on the complexity of your idea.

Animations and 3-D Motion Graphics

Animations are not just for kids! They’re really a outstanding tool for audiences made from adults, too. Providing facts via an upbeat, animated video may be a extremely good way to train a group of humans. This is vital, though: people are used to seeing terrific animation, so if yours looks cheap or low in exceptional, viewers won’t engage.

Animated movies may be in particular powerful for explainer videos, which, as the name suggests, provide an explanation for an essential business concept or process. Here is a top notch example.

Find an animator you trust to create best work in order that you, in turn, will be trusted by means of your viewers.


When a commercial is done proper, it can be as fun as any different brief-format shape of entertainment. Think about what number of humans go to Superbowl parties just to observe the classified ads, or approximately how regularly traces from commercials become part of our regular conversations. Commercials don’t just sell precise merchandise. They build emblem familiarity and talk something about what you care about as a corporation.

Your potential customers will watch classified ads time and again once more and share them with friends, but simplest if they're entertained or given an emotional experience. Today’s classified ads may be located on TV, but they're just as possibly to be determined on social media pages and websites. Commercials may be published as character movies on YouTube, or they can be the advertising that plays before different YouTube content material.

You must storyboard your advertisements as if they're short films. Create a mini-masterpiece that promotes your emblem at the same time that it makes people want to hit the proportion button.

Longer shape digital ads, as part of a larger advertising method, can take the shape of case research and product demos.

Drone Videos

Drones are pretty low-priced these days! Drone footage catches the viewer’s eye via imparting an overhead or close-up view of something they don’t generally get to see. You can use this pictures to expose a vast geographical expanse, to take a excursion of an area, or to give your viewers a whole new perspective. Take them somewhere they can’t go together with your drone!

A organization with a massive campus of buildings should show off their centers from a never-before-visible angle. An agricultural merchandise manufacturer ought to fly over the fields of a farmer who's using the corporation’s materials. A coffee store ought to display the fields where their espresso is grown. A employer that employs a lot of humans should get pictures in their annual Employee and Family Picnic and placed the video on line to celebrate their crew.

Educational Videos

One element that companies can do is build an educational library for their followers, fans, customers, and prospective buyers. Today’s shoppers want in order to accept as true with the groups they are shopping for from, and one way to build agree with is to function an educator.

Educational movies, then, are a superb manner to perform that goal. Without spending a large amount of money, your business enterprise can offer informative and instructional films that reveal your understanding and expertise. Become a voice of authority so that when human beings need to know approximately a product or service you provide, they visit you, the thought leader, for records approximately that services or products.

Educational movies are additionally certainly useful for training and onboarding employees. For a business that is aggressively developing, educational video drives employee onboarding, at scale, through informational and organizational way of life videos.

NextThought is a country wide leader in educational films, and we recognize the importance of creating a strong, clear voice to help personnel and clients alike retain facts and advantage from video-based totally learning.

Social Media Videos

Some video content is designed in particular for social media, consisting of systems like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. You want to create videos that are short, bold, and eye-catching. They also want to have captions, due to the fact an amazing majority of social media users watch video with out the audio grew to become on.

Social media can consist of testimonial motion pictures, product films, content to accompany a weblog post, assignment demos, and lots of different uses.

When developing a social media video, you need to think about which parts of your target market are on which apps and structures. Then, target those audiences. Make certain that any video you intend meets the social media specifications and limits. Be positive to observe the regulations or the video you’ve worked hard to provide won’t be like minded with the structures you deliberate to use.

Live Streaming Videos

There is not anything like live content to give your motion pictures a sense of significance and a sense of urgency. Live video, mainly in the shape of Facebook Live, is developing in popularity, although you have to get it proper to make it work. We advocate running with a skilled video production group if you want your stay content material to be impressive.

Interactive Video

Interactive video allows the audience to select what takes place next. This “select-your-own-adventure” fashion video way that visitors aren’t just visitors. They are participants. This kind of content material is in particular commonplace in training scenarios, but it could also be used for marketing. In the identical manner that interactive video provides employee schooling in a customized way, it additionally allows customers to are looking for out facts they need in a similar manner.

This might be the most complex shape of video content for advertising and education alike, and it requires a lot more than just a cellphone and an modifying app. Be certain to get professional recommendation on this kind of video earlier than you get started!