The new ruler of the digital world: videos

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It is possible to say that we are in an era where the power of seeing is experienced with the ever increasing demand for video content, which is the last favorite of the digital world. YouTube, which is a unique medium and has a golden age as it is the leading video content platform, allows millions of people to watch if the target audience is determined, whether it is a project with a million dollar budget or a video of a young person broadcasting from the living room.

New generation content producers who use social media effectively and users who consume these contents effectively integrate into brand communication with successful campaigns. So how do brands position themselves in this new world? Are the activities and strategies of active brands sufficient? Most importantly, what needs to be considered for successful content? This month, we discussed the communications of brands in this area and asked what we wondered to video content agencies.

With consumers starting to spend more time on YouTube than ever before, videos have become an inevitable address for people to access content that interests them. Cisco predicts that videos on the internet will account for 72% of all internet usage by 2019. According to a statement made by Turkey IAB video ad investments it was 179.8 million with a growth of 34 percent. YouTube videos and "Creators" who created these videos have become a cultural power in their own right. While YouTube grows as a core platform that affects content and culture, brands also use it to engage with their audience.

Watching videos on the internet has become as common as watching television all over the world. Especially in the young age group, video watching rates on the internet are quite high. According to the data of the world's largest video content platform, Youtube, the rate of watching videos on mobile devices is increasing every year. The majority of this rate consists of high school and university age youth. According to the data Youtube announced last October, 400 hours of video are uploaded every minute worldwide. Also, watching videos on Youtube becomes the most time-consuming activity after work and sleep.

Thanks to the high viewing rates, many people producing video content on the Internet have become known in recent years and they are getting very good income from this business. The fact that Youtube gives share to the popular content producers from the advertising revenues with its partner application makes this situation very attractive.

The evolution of online video

Having entered our lives on February 15, 2005, by three former employees of PayPal, Youtube changed our online video viewing habits. It was purchased for $ 1.65 billion after it was established, attracting the attention of Google. Youtube, which is still in the body of Google, continues its activities today as the world's largest video content platform. Generally on the site; video clips, television content, music videos, video blogs, individual videos and educational videos.

Having hosted billions of videos in its 15-year adventure, Youtube displays our online viewing habits with its videos titled "rewind", which means "the most watched" every year. Cat, dog and various animal videos, which we watched at very low image quality, were replaced by professional image quality music clips, vlogs, various action videos and virals today. Even professionalism on Youtube has become so important that video content producers, which we describe as youtuber, have their own production media and shooting tools. In addition, viral contents of brands are also included in the most watched.

Why brands should take place on Youtube

It is inevitable that brands are not included in a platform where users spend so much time. According to the data announced by Youtube, 34 percent of Youtube users talk to others about a brand they like. The rate of sharing the video on social networks is 55.5 percent. This means that one out of every two people watching the video shared and it is a great opportunity for brands to spread their content naturally. In addition, 67 percent of Youtube users visit daily and 22 percent weekly. Another point that draws attention in the data is that the boring of content on TV and advertising breaks push users to online viewing platforms like Youtube.

The purchase effect of Youtube

Another reason that pushes users to Youtube is that consumers review the videos related to the product on Youtube before buying any product. Videos about the purchase decision watched on Youtube also lead to further steps. For this reason, 95 percent of the video viewers interact directly and 45 percent buy the product afterwards.

Especially amateur and professional review videos on technological products, opening the box and how the product is used, and the advertisements placed by the brand before the video play a big role in the purchase of these products. According to data from the same research of Youtube, 47 percent of users comment on these videos and read most of the comments. The rate of those who purchase these products online or offline is 45 percent. Again, 41 percent visit the brand's or retailer's site after these videos. At the same time, people watching the video talk about it or share the relevant content with others. In other words, Youtube not only enables advertisers to interact more than traditional channels such as television, but also directs them to purchase to a large extent.

Another important point for brands is that 40 percent of Youtube users follow youtubers. One in three users says that he is likely to buy a brand he encounters in his video of his beloved and trusted youtuber. Again, one out of every three users states that they will think positively even if they do not purchase the proposed brand. While the proportion of neutrals is 27 percent, only 12 percent stated that they would be dislike against the proposed brand.