Storytelling in advertising

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Storytellers, will be the bright stars of the future. Because, along with consumer habits, the world of advertising and marketing is also reshaping. So what do you have to do to become storyteller?

Many people today say that the method of storytelling will be the future of advertising, and storyteller will be the stars of the future. The fact is that brand-to-consumer communication has been replaced by consumer-brand. Consumers now have the power to influence brands' reputations. Naturally, it is necessary to look for new ways to influence the consumers and make them connected to your brand. The most effective of these ways is telling stories.


It means storyteller. If we are talking about the “storyteller” concept in the advertising and marketing universe, we mean the people who tell the stories of the brands. So what do the stories of brands mean?

Brand story is much more than the features of products and services. Beyond narratives on website, catalog, presentations, packaging. Brand story; It is a structure consisting of emotions, experiences, facts and comments. The founders and adventures of the brand, the reasons for the establishment of the brand, the values of products and services, the colors used, the textures used, the employees and consumers themselves are part of this story. All of this reflects the facts about your brand to consumers.

Brands that want to create real and permanent customer loyalty always tell stories about their values and themselves. These stories don't have to be a Word document; if it’s not so. You can also tell your story with a video, commercial, infographic, illustration or an advertising campaign.

A good story structure can take a brand to unexpected levels.


Once upon a time there was (starts as) _______________. Every day (tells the current situation) _______________. One day (something is happening one day) _______________. Because of that (some things are changing) _______________. Because of that (continues to change) _______________. Until finally (this is the new case at the end) _______________.

Can we tell a good story if we fill in the gaps? Certainly something is missing. So the first rule, forget about the templates. To be a good storyteller, it is necessary to read more, watch, see, travel, think, talk.